Growing your Community

The best ways to grow and retain your community is by creating new content and rewarding those who join your communities with exclusives. Creating image and video posts that are exclusive to your community helps you retain and grow your membership count. You can also encourage community members to create their own posts that fit community guidelines. This allows others to showcase their own content to the community, and for communities with fees, allows owners to profit from these posts. If a post violates those guidelines you can take them down with your community administrator tools. You retain post fees of posts that are removed this way. OpenChat allows your community to communicate directly with the community owner as well as other members securely in real-time. This allows you to build relationships with members, and also for connections to be made within the community. Additionally, with OpenChat you and members of your community can post pay to view posts. These paid messages allow Creators to monitize content in a way that doesn't force people to pay for full subscriptions.

With Zion, you choose how to run your community. Creators from all walks of life can create and grow communities of people who share specific interests, want to follow their favorite creator, or want to organize and build networks based on common goals.

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