Why is it called Zion? Zion is often used to share a peaceful ideal place for society, it stands for a utopian place of unity, peace and freedom. For the Matrix fans, it is also the last city NOT controlled by machines, the last remaining human city. We thought it fitting for what we have built.


If I lost my recovery key phrase, is there anyway to recovery my account if I have been locked out?

No, this is because Zion utilizes DID technology for encryption and verification which means that we do not store your recovery phrase. Check out Account Creation for more information

If I delete my account can it be recovered?

Once an account is deleted it cannot be recovered. Once an account is deleted, all associated data is lost as well

Does Zion store recovery phrases?

No, all recovery phrases are randomly generated are not stored by Zion.


If I leave or am kicked out of a community, do I get my membership fee back?

No, membership fees are non-refundable

My post was taken down by a community administrator. Can I get my post fee back?

No, All post fees are non-refundable. Please check the community rules before posting. All posts can be taken down at the discretion of a community administrators.

I never got my staking fee back. Why did I not get it returned?

If your post/comment violated community rules and was taken down before the time limit for staking has been reached then your staking fee will not be returned

My post was taken down by a community administrator, can I appeal the takedown with Zion?

No, all Zion communities are self governed and members are subject to the rules made by community owners. Community owners can take down any post for any reason. What happens to Zion/Bitcoin if the internet goes down? We get asked this question often and we’ll be honest: It’s a vast question with many hypothetical situations and answers, much too complex to answer in a simple Q&A style answer. With that being said, our company focuses on cloud-hosting and we only operate on the lightning network and bitcoin. If the internet were to “go down” for any reason, you would not lose your channel state or bitcoin.

What is staking for Anti-Spam? If a creator has staking turned on for the community, when you make a comment inside the community a certain amount SATS, which is outlined in the stake contract when you join the community, will be held in escrow. If the creator of the community deems your comment Spam they will delete the comment from the thread and you will lose your stake. If you comment stays on the community page for the duration of the staking contract you funds will be returned. This is how we use SATS to prevent spam. Do users have to pay for Zion? No, we have free member accounts when you sign up! Why do you use AWS to store your files? This is the best and most viable option offered to us at this time. We aim to transition away from AWS down the road. Do you have your own Zion Token? No, we only operate on Bitcoins Lightning Network. Can I use my account on 2 different devices? Yes, as long as you use your seed phrase. Can I use Zion on my computer/desktop/browser? No, Zion is only available via the app on Apple & Android at this time. Can I own more than 1 DID account? Yes, you can own more than 1 DID Account.

You can sign up for as many DIDs & Lightning Wallets as you like. Is Zion available on Android & iPhone? iOS --> https://apps.apple.com/us/app/zion-create-openly/id1556918256 Android -->https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.getzion.zion&hl=en_US&gl=US Is Zion available worldwide? Yes! Why does this cost money? When you join Zion as a creator we are assigning you a DWN to build a community. Since we also don't allow for advertisements, therefore offering monthly subscriptions is our way of generating revenue and keep the company alive.

We hope to be able to offer our services at a reduced price in the future when technology allows us to do so.

What happens if my monthly payment fails? If your payment fails, you will receive an automatic email notification. You have 5 days within the time of your first failed payment notification to update your payment. What if I want to cancel, am I locked in? You are not locked in, you can cancel anytime but you will lose your community and all the data on the community if you decide to cancel. Do you have a trial/ testing option to try Zion before we pay? At this time, Zion is not available for trial before payment. Am I charged for viewing content, ie. videos?

No, but there might be costs depending on the settings of the community owner.

I don’t want to give away my personal information or card details. How can I still join Zion? To have a creator account to upgrade, members will have to share their credit card information and email. Can I pay for Zion membership with Bitcoin? Not yet! At this time, you can pay for Zion with credit card but we aim to offer monthly payments via bitcoin in the near future. What do you do if there are illegal activities being shared on Zion? There's a line between being censorship-resistant and illegal activities. We take this matter seriously and any illegal activities will be pursued to the full extent of the law. When it comes to illegal matters that are reported within communities, authorities will be involved.

I’m new to the world of Bitcoin! Do I need to own bitcoin to get started on Zion? Yes, you need to fund your wallet which you can find information in the funding wallet section

What happens if you can de-platformed from the Apple Store or Android Play Store?

We’re aware that our app making our app available on Google Play Store or Apple Store always has a risk. We’re looking at other venues to mitigate this risk down the road! Can I buy Bitcoin through Zion?

No, Zion is not an investment platform. You will have to purchase Bitcoin outside of Zion and then fund your Zion wallet.

Why does Zion only have a 100,000 satoshi max balance?

Security is of our utmost concern and we want to ensure that you don't keep too many SATs in your community wallets. They are designed only for small sending of SATs for content.

Does Zion collect any data on me? Zion does NOT collect or store any usage data on members of the community. Not because we don’t want to — because we can’t. You full custody over all of your data, including posted content, messages, payment information and activity. You and you alone have access to your private keys. This is the way.

Why is Zion built on Lightning, instead of another blockchain? The innovation of the Lightning Network is the use of time­-locked transactions and cryptographic nonces to allow many two ­party payment channels to form a connected network where payments can be sent over many channels without trusting the intermediate nodes. The topology is similar to IP networks (the internet): packets of information are routed over many physical links, and the communicating end nodes don't worry about the route as long as data gets to the destination. This works via a decrementing time­ lock that permits every intermediate node along the routing path to accept funds only if they forward it along to the next participant, using disclosure of pre images of cryptographic hashes. In the Lightning Network, nodes are not able to seize funds traveling through their channels even if they fail to forward payments or refuse to perform any actions. A node operates without custody of third party funds, which is enforced by a time­ limited cryptographic script. Zion uses these same cryptographic functions to move data across the same packet layers.

What is the Lightning Network, and what does it have to do with Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that allows participants in the network to send and receive payments without relying on a third party (i.e. a bank). First introduced in 2008, the Bitcoin protocol’s scalability is hampered by its relative latency and high transaction fees. The Lightning Network was proposed as a solution to Bitcoin’s scalability issue by enabling a high volume of participants to transact micropayments instantly. The Lightning Network is a “Layer 2” solution, which means that users can exchange funds internally and only pay settlement costs when they want to withdraw the money.

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