Getting Started

Zion is a peer-governed social network where members are the true owners of their data. With Zion, you can post content to your friends and/or subscribers, explore and chat in communities that are run and managed by Zion members, and view content from your favorite creator.
Additionally, Zion sidesteps corporate profit motives and empowers every user with full sovereignty and irrevocable custody of their personal information and data. This creates a network free of targeted ads, centralized moderation, and arbitrary censorship.
To get started with Zion, just download the Zion Client from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once installed follow the account creation instructions, and fund your wallet with your preferred Bitcoin Lightning Exchange.
With Zion, creators can utilize communities to grow their audience and gain revenue from boosts on the content they post, and from community fees. To learn how to start earning with Zion, read the instructions for subscribing to Zion, creating a community, and growing your community.
Last modified 1yr ago